Why ‘In the Open’?

My name is Evelina. I am 35, living in London with my partner and daughter.⁣

I am a Project and Programme Manager by trade and lead teams to improve lives in health, social care, education, public sector through tech and innovation.⁣

Our journey to be a family was an exhausting 7 years, 5 rounds of IVF and one very long 9 months consumed with peri-natal anxiety. Outwardly displaying resilience. Internally… distrustful, doubting and withdrawn.⁣

I volunteered to return from maternity leave early to deliver urgent projects in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic to NHS Trusts. Working from home full time, with an 8 month old on my boob.⁣

I experienced some of the worse misogyny of my whole career in the most vulnerable time of my life.⁣

As a result, I took an extended leave and went part time. My confidence shattered and struggling with the identity shift as a working parent and a lot poorer.⁣

A friend shared @laurencurrie on Instagram and the worlds alligned. I signed up to her life transforming course #weareupfront and am in Bond 3 with so many inspiring women. Unlearning behaviours I need to leave behind and pushing me to be the best version of myself and identifying who I want to be in this world.⁣

This is my journey of working in the open. Sharing my story and inspiring you to share your story celebrating your achievements

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