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Hey friends!

Hi, I’m Evelina, a mum of one, passionate about equality and improving access for women, transgender and non-binary in the workplace. Thanks for visiting!

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  • Career Conversations
    Hi friends, This week I had my first career conversation with a senior leader from the business. I wanted to share with you… What a career conversation is and why it benefits yourself and the leadership team. What I did to prepare for the conversation to help me feel more confident and less nervous. 30Continue reading “Career Conversations”
  • Returning to work, from Parental Leave
    Hi Friends, I returned from Parent Leave almost a year ago. I went back full time at the beginning of the pandemic, completely unprepared and I struggled to be a good parent, partner and employee. After a terrible 3 months, working full time with a baby on my lap, delivering critical technology infrastructure to theContinue reading “Returning to work, from Parental Leave”
  • Professional Boundaries
    Hi friends👋 I have reached out to my team today to discuss boundaries at work and wanted to share what you should consider setting and putting in place. You do not have to be the team lead, anyone in the team can make these suggestions. Block out at least 30 minutes each day for lunchContinue reading “Professional Boundaries”

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About Me

Hi, I’m Evelina. I live in London with my partner and 1 year old.

I am a senior project / programme manager and I lead teams that improve lives in health, social care, education and public sector through technology & innovation. Connecting customers and public sector organisations with an extensive portfolio of communications and IT solutions.

I love to be playful and do things that bring me joy.